zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Bright colors

Hey everyone! ♥
In the last thing that i've posted, i said something about clothes, makeup and shoes.
But now, i'm gonna tell you something about nail polish!
Bright colors are very cute, always.
If you are a real nail polish fan, you can do something more special.
On the link below, you'll see a youtube channel. That's a channel with some video's of nail art.
Give it a look, and maybe try it!
I tried some of them, and it's amazing.

xoxo Mira

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Winter Flowers

Hi! ♥
The floral print is not just for summer, also this winter you look pretty in floral print!
floral dress with tights underneath is totally cool.
You can buy some beautiful dresses online here:

Also ankle boots are so cool this winter. They are also very cute with a floral dress. :)

And last but not least: Red lipstick! That's so hot! Comb it with a floral dress and ankle boots. :)
xoxo Mira

Hi !

Hi everyone!
My name is Miriam, but my name is a bit long so you can call me Mira. :)
I'm from the Netherlands.
I will try to post something every month.
In this blog, i'll tell you some things about fashion. What is hot, what is not.
If you have questions, just mail to:

xoxo Mira